Editor at a Glance

Projected Job Growth

  • +0% Job Growth for

  • 2013
  • 2023

Average Salary for Editor

  • $0 Annual Pay
    National Average
  • $0 Hourly Pay
    National Average

Best States for Editor

in 2011
Annual Salary
Hourly Pay
New York 20,290 $79,610 $38
Massachusetts 4,100 $71,110 $34
District of Columbia 2,420 $80,370 $39

Becoming a Editor

Editors typically have a bachelor's degree in journalism, English, professional writing, or communications, as well as previous work experience editing a specific type of content for publication. In addition to strong writing skills, a thorough knowledge of online publishing, Web design, and multimedia production is helpful in today's job market for editors. Online certificates in copy editing are widely available, as are online bachelor's and master's degree programs in journalism, communications, and new media. Some of the courses you're likely to encounter while studying journalism and professional writing include:
  • Associated Press Style
  • Intermediate Composition or Creative Writing
  • Methods of Research and Analysis
  • Journalism and Law
  • Cyber-Journalism
Class requirements for journalism, communications, and other writing-related degrees will differ depending on the institution and concentration of study. One program may focus specifically on new media while another may concentrate on creative writing. Take time to consider the type of editorial career you'd like to pursue and choose a degree program that truly supports your goal.