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    Public Relations Society of America's Job Center

Professional Organizations

  1. National Communication Association

    National Communication Association

    NCA supports the study of communication within all fields. It offers resources for both students and professionals, and promotes the use of communication to improve both business and everyday life.

  2. International Association of Business Communicators

    International Association of Business Communicators

    IABC provides a network for professionals within multiple communications fields to improve their job skills and gain access to research and publications.

  3. American Communication Association

    American Communication Association

    ACA promotes scholarship within the field of communications and works to bring together professionals who are interested in networking. It also provides accreditation for communication programs.

  4. The Association for Women in Communications

    The Association for Women in Communications

    Specifically for women who work in the communications field, AWC offers resources, career assistance, and access to events for its members.

  5. Society for Technical Communication

    Society for Technical Communication

    STC exists to promote publications, research, and advancements within the field of technical communication. It provides publications and continuing education to its members.

  6. Association of Professional Communication Consultants

    Association of Professional Communication Consultants

    APCC is a non-profit professional association that serves both new and experienced communication consultants. It offers assistance with marketing, networking, and professional development.

  7. Eastern Communication Association

    Eastern Communication Association

    Established in 1910, the ECA unites communications students, teachers, and practitioners for career assistance, events, publications, and research promotion.

  8. Communications Media Management Association

    Communications Media Management Association

    Specifically for professionals who manage communications media, CMMA provides career assistance and resources to its members.


  1. International Journal of Communication

    International Journal of Communication

    This is an online journal that explores the academic field of communications.

  2. Journal of Marketing Communications

    Journal of Marketing Communications

    Printed five times a year, this journal explores research and methods in marketing communications

  3. Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications

    Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications

    For both students and professionals, this journal explores current events in the field of marketing communications.

  4. Journal of Business Communications

    Journal of Business Communications

    This is a quarterly journal that consists of peer-reviewed articles on business communications

  5. Business Communication Quarterly

    Business Communication Quarterly

    Another quarterly publication, this journal examines business communications research and methodology.

  6. Public Relations Journal

    Public Relations Journal

    A quarterly journal for both academics and professionals, this publication examines the public relations field.

Calendar of Events

  1. conference

    Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference

    March 11-12: The Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference & EXPO (GLBC) is the Midwest's premier educational and networking conference for radio, television and media professionals …

  2. conference

    MadWorld Worldwide Learning Conference

    April 13-15: MadWorld 2014 is the premier technical communication and content strategy conference for technical writers, documentation managers and content strategists.

  3. conference

    American Planning Association's National Planning Conference

    April 26-30: Stake your claim on the biggest, boldest, brightest planning event of the year. With so much to choose from, you’re sure to find a spot with your name on it …

  4. conference

    Society for Technical Communication Summit

    May 18-21: The summit consists of over 80 educational sessions and an expo with more than 50 companies represented.

  5. other

    Effective Risk Communication: Theory, Tools, and Practical Skills for Communicating about Risk

    May 19-21: Develop your risk communication skills.

Social Networks

  1. Public Relations and Communications Professionals

    A members-only group, this organization provides access to networking and employment opportunities.

  2. Corporate Communications Executive Network

    This private group promotes discussions over communications strategy and industry growth.

  3. Public Relations and Communications Jobs Community

    Specifically for communications professionals, this group assists with career search and job advice.

  4. Marketing Communications Professionals

    A private group, this is a venue for professionals who work in marketing fields and who want to network with other professionals.

  5. IEEE Communications Society

    This is a Google+ group dedicated to communication professionals around the world.

  6. International Communication Association

    This is the Google+ page for the International Communication Association, which seeks to promote research across the globe.

  7. PR & Communication Professionals

    Specifically for employees who work in the fields of public relations, marketing, and communications, this Google+ community helps professionals network with each other.

  8. Marketing Professionals on G+

    This is a group specifically for professionals who work within marketing communication fields.

  9. SEO and Internet Marketing Professionals

    Specifically for those who work in Internet communication fields, this group focuses on SEO and other ways of marketing content on the web.

Get Experience

  1. Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland Communications Intern

    Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland Communications Intern

    The Children's Hospital & Research Center in Oakland is seeking students in their third or fourth year of college to assist with media and special event coordination.

  2. Baird


    Baird's Corporate Resource Group seeks summer interns to assist with marketing and communications.

  3. Human Rights Campaign Communications and Marketing Internship

    Human Rights Campaign Communications and Marketing Internship

    HRC is seeking interns to assist with research and publications.

  4. Shedd Marketing and Communications Internship

    Shedd Marketing and Communications Internship

    Shedd is seeking a intern for summer 2013 to assist with the online marketing division.

  5. Substance151 Marketing Communications Internship

    Substance151 Marketing Communications Internship

    Substance151 seeks communication students to assist with project management and research.

  6. TechSoup Global Marketing Communications Internship

    TechSoup Global Marketing Communications Internship

    Students who are currently enrolled in communications programs can apply for the TechSoup Global internship position to help design, research, and write media publications.

  7. American Marketing Association

    American Marketing Association

    Marketing volunteers help AMA stay current and improve the overall membership experience.

  8. Peace Corps

    Peace Corps

    Communication professionals can volunteer for the Peace Corp to help teach communication and technology skills to students, public officials, and organizations.

  9. Habitat for Humanity

    Habitat for Humanity

    Habitat for Humanity needs volunteers to help with social media and publications.

  10. The Sustainability Consortium

    The Sustainability Consortium

    This is a volunteer opportunity for marketing professionals who speak fluent Portuguese.

  11. Golden Retriever Rescue

    Golden Retriever Rescue

    Communications volunteers can help this rescue agency maintain social media websites and reach out to the community.

Licensure Information

Resume Samples

  1. California State University at Fullerton

    This is an example resume for students seeking internship positions in the communications field.

    Susan Ireland's Resume Site

    This is an example resume for professionals seeking positions in marketing communications management.

    Resume Bucket

    These are example resumes for the public relations field.

    Resume Companion

    This is an example resume for professionals seeking positions as communications associates.


    This is an example resume for professionals seeking marketing communications management positions.